Understanding on-pack Nutritional Information

Ever turned a pack over and been totally confused by what's written on the back? There is a lot of useful information included in a product's nutritional tables. Learn more about what it all means and how it fits together.

Food labels

These provide useful nutritional information to consumers regarding the product considered. Food labeling regulations are constantly changing. However, there are certain items that tend to be more widespread across labels and countries. Many of these are discussed here.

Ingredients List

Ingredients that are constituent in a product are listed on food labels in descending order of proportion. Some products do not need to carry a label (such as unwrapped bread or coffee).

Best before and use by dates

"Best before" indicates the best time within which to eat the food. "Use by" is used mainly on foods that should not be consumed after this date for reasons related to health and safety.

Name and address of manufacturer / importer / distributor

Labels must include the name and address of the supplier of the food. A statement will also be included indicating the country in which the food was made or manufactured (country of origin).

Nutritional Information Panel

This panel includes information on the energy content (kJ), protein, fat, carbohydrate (including sugars), sodium and other nutrients for which there has been a claim made. Nutrients are normally given "per serve" and "per 100 grams". This is done so that consumers can compare the nutrient profile of the product with similar foods.

Symbols and Guides

There are other nutritional symbols and guides which may be present on the pack. These could include:

  • Daily Intake Guide

    This is a graphical guide that highlights the constituent nutrients in the product and how a serve relates to the recommended daily intake of that nutrient.

Source: Australian Food and Grocery Council 2008, Nutrition and Health Guide.

Nutritional Information for Uncle Ben's® products

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