Rice the Uncle Ben's Way

The makers of Uncle Ben's® rice use a special processing method that helps rice retain its natural goodness. This method ensures that Uncle Ben's rice is "Perfect every time™".

Before we remove the outer hull and bran, Uncle Ben's® Converted brand rice is parboiled. We use water, heat and a vacuum to drive nutrients from the bran into the center of the grain, before the rice is milled. Without this process, the nutrients would be lost during the milling process. This process helps retain as much as 80% of the natural B-complex vitamins.

When it comes to microwaveable rice, Uncle Ben's also leads the way. Uncle Ben's Express rice is prepared in a retort, which is a combined cooker and cooler machine. During manufacture, the rice and concentrate are mixed and heated ensuring consistency. Vitamins and natural colour are retained as the product is cooked in the sealed pouch. The combination of heat and pressure ensures that Uncle Ben's® Express rice is perfectly fresh in the sealed pouch for up to 12 months.

Uncle Ben's continues to develop new and innovative rice solutions, to make it easier to include rice as a regular part of a balanced diet.

A grain
of wisdom

Uncle Ben's® rice now has annual sales of over US$ 500 million.