Where is Rice Grown

There are many unproven mythological tales as to how rice came to be, though historians hold little or no stock in any. Most believe the roots of rice come from 3000 BC India, where natives discovered the plant growing in the wild and began to experiment with it. Cultivation and cooking methods are thought to have spread to the west rapidly and by medieval times, southern Europe saw the introduction of rice as a hearty grain.

Today, rice is grown and harvested on every continent except Antarctica, where conditions make its growth impossible. The majority of all rice produced comes from India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, and Bangladesh. Asian farmers still account for 92-percent of the world's total rice production. More than 550 million tons of rice is produced annually around the globe.1
Rice provides 21% of global human per capita energy and 15% of per capita protein.2

Uncle Ben’s® rice is sourced from United States of America, Europe, Thailand and India.

The map below shows the top ten rice producing countries3, and where Uncle Ben's in sourced from.


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Where is Rice grown